About the Movie

Cullmann-poster-wwwLarry Rowlette is not from Cullman, Alabama. He doesn’t live there now; yet he spends an extraordinary amount of time portraying the town’s founder, Colonel Cullmann. He isn’t even paid. So why does he do it?

Children love the gregarious Colonel, as does Miss Oktoberfest and members of the public. Rowlette has played the role for almost 15 years, yet very few people know how he came to embody the town’s founder.

The real Colonel Cullmann fled an oppressive Bavarian regime in the 1860s, finally settling his new colony in 1873. He was a civil engineer, avid reader and lover of a good time – much like Rowlette, an electrical engineer and lover of books who dances with any willing participant at Oktoberfest and plays a drum kit in his home to unwind. He so embodies the role that his wife, when first dating him, had trouble recognizing him when decked out in his Victorian outfit and playing to the crowd.

Public historian and re-enactor Annette Laing, Ph.D., explains that many re-enactors just love to entertain their audience and bring their characters a three-dimensional portrayal that makes them real and relatable to people of today.